I’ve purchased an Alienware / Dell computer at a Best Buy store on November 29th, 2019 with a one year warranty (parts and labor) by the manufacturer.

In May-2020 I noticed some issues with the computer, so I contacted Dell via chat since I own a manufacturer warranty. The main issue was that my CPU was running at 100% while gaming. The agent was not helpful, and he was blaming the application.

At that time, I was having a major issue with Dell regarding a monitor that I’ve purchased, that was defective. Dell sent me a broken refurbished monitor, and after a lot of work, I was able to get a new monitor.

Since we were in the middle of the pandemic, I decided to postpone the troubleshoot for the PC.

 At the end of September-2020, it was getting impossible to use the computer, so I contacted “Alienware Premium Support”. The agent Camila Rodriguez ran a lot of tests before and after I formatted my computer (clean install).

She was able to identify that my GPU (graphics card) was underperformance, that’s why my CPU was running at 100% when the GPU was not able to handle the work. She created a ticket, and a Dell technician came to my place to change the CPU and the GPU. After that, she would need to test the Motherboard, that could be the main issue.

The technician was on time and helpful. He exchanged the CPU and de GPU, but the computer was not working properly. At first, he thought that the Motherboard was with a serious problem, but then he realized that Dell sent him a broken refurbished GPU. We both looked at the part and it was in a real bad shape, and it was literally not working at all. Completely dead!

He called on the spot Dell customer service using his credentials and asked them to dispatch asap a new GPU and a Motherboard since he also believed that the motherboard might be the main issue. He removed the broken refurbished GPU and put it back in my original one, and he left the “new” CPU.

I contacted Camila Rodriguez and explained what happened. She confirmed to me that I’m entitled to a new or a refurbished part, but she couldn’t control what type of piece was sent to me.

 Her supervisor, Alvaro Rodriguez Sequeira, and another supervisor that I don’t recall his name confirmed the same information. They couldn’t send me a new part since they didn’t have any new parts in stock.

I explained that I was not accepting a refurbished part since it is clear that Dell has a major problem with their quality control when in the past 6 months I got two broken refurbished parts. At that time, my warranty had 40 days to expire, and how could I know that these refurbished parts will be working after the warranty is over?

The GPU and Motherboard that they sent me were both refurbished, so I refused the service and requested new parts, which I’m entitled to. The Alienware support told me that I had to call Dell Customer Care. I called them, but they said that they were unable to help me since my warranty covers only support.

After this, I decided to contact the Office de la protection du consommateur. They were helpful and explained my next steps, which was sending Dell a formal notice.

At first, I sent to the Office and Dell a formal notice asking for a new GPU, but after a few days, I contacted a friend of mine how knows hardware better than me. He explained that the CPU on my computer is probably refurbished, and I would probably need not only a new GPU but a new Motherboard.

So, the core of my computer, almost the entire thing will be refurbished (CPU, GPU, and Motherboard), which is totally unacceptable.

My first formal notice was sent to Dell by email, but I’ve contacted the Office again and they told me that I had to send by register letter. So, I decided to change what I want.

I want my money back and they can keep the broken computer, or they exchange the broken computer for a brand new one. Dell received my letter on November 10th, 2020.

After a few days, I was contacted by Mrs. Arun P Stanislaus from “Advanced Resolution Services”. Finally, I thought that someone at Dell was going to help me, but what really happened was the opposite of that.

He told me that I didn’t have any warranty with Dell, and the work that had been done so far from Alienware Support and the technician that came to my place was an “exception”.

According to him, I’m only entitled to small troubleshoots regarding mouse, keyboard, battery, etc.

 He also said that my warranty was with Best Buy, not with Dell, despite the fact that Dell’s website shows that I have a warranty called “Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis (Consumer Customer)/ Next Business Day Onsite After Remote Diagnosis (Commercial Customer)” until December 3rd, 2020.

Just to follow the rules, I went to Best Buy in Montreal's downtown with the computer and I spoke to the Store Leader, Mrs. Ouail.

 He explained that what Dell was saying is wrong. My warranty is from Dell (the manufacturer), not from Best Buy, and the only thing that he could do was sending the computer to Dell, and he can’t tell what Dell will do with it.

He gave me a good example, where I have to think that Best Buy is like a Post Office, where they just send and receive the goods. So, contacting Dell directly was the right thing to do.

I returned home and sent an email to Mrs. Arun explaining how wrong he was and everything that Mrs. Ouail said. He finally accepted that I have a warranty with Dell and that I’m entitled to new or refurbished parts for this repair. He asked my address and if I accept the service.

I told him that due to the lack of quality control from Dell’s refurbished parts I only accept new parts, and I could make an exception from my formal notice and accept new parts on the current computer. A new CPU, GPU, and Motherboard.

He replied right after saying that the parts that he was sending me are refurbished. This was the last straw. I spent days trying to find a good and fair solution for everybody, but Dell kept with their horrible service.

I paid for a premium computer, not a 90%+ refurbished computer.